20 Best Android Strategy Games 2019 2020 Must Play

best android strategy games
Best Android Strategy Games

20 Best Android Strategy Games 2019 2020 Must Play

As we know that android games are improving, they offer us the most exciting are impressive games day-to-day. So here we pick the Best Android Strategy Games you can play with 2020. Android games are getting better and better in every month so that we can also give you the best games which will offer you a  good experience of gaming.

These android Strategy games will really give you a thrilling experience. Thus it will give you a 3D Actionclassic board game, clan wars, auto-battle, puzzle,  battle royal, good graphics, text-based, and etc.
Take a look into these Best Android Strategy Games free and some of the little amount.


1. Through The Ages

Best Android Strategy Games

The best strategy game on Android is through the ages. This game from CGE Digital is the official adaptation of la Tasha bottle strategy board game classic.

It’s essentially a card game where you explore the many paths of building a mighty civilization. If that sounds daunting to you because you’ve never played the board game before it has a funny and engaging tutorial to make learning of the rules as painless as possible there are two ways to play the classic board game rules or the streamlined version of the game made just for the digital version this phenomenal card strategy.

Paid to play: Download Through the ages

2. Clash of Clans (Best android strategy game all time)


Best Android Strategy Games

This supercell freemium game is all about building your village raising your clan and competing and epic clan wars. It’s four years old but it’s still given fresh updates like new buildings new characters and even a whole new world.
If you’ve never played it this is a game where you defend your village with multiple threats against the Goblin King this is also a game where you can fight in clan wars with your friends and against other groups of players around the world. This is the best android strategy game in all time

Free to play: Download Clash of clans

3. Mini Metro 


Best Android Strategy Games

As the name might suggest this next game on our list is a subway simulator where you design a subway map for your city by drawing lines between stations and running your trains.
Sometimes you have to redraw your routes to keep them at their top efficiency level your resources are limited so be careful not to overcrowd your stations because that could be the reason why you’ll go bankrupt lasts as long as you can. So you can earn more simple yet challenging game.
Paid to play: Download Mini metro

4. Dota Underlords


Best Android Strategy Games

Dota Underlords is an auto battler or auto chess game which is where you purchased and place units on an 8×8 chase grid and that is pretty much where the chess comparison stopped. Once you’ve placed down a few units on the field during a preparation phase you move into the battle phase.
Where you’ll either be going against a pre-prepared army of another online player in your Lobby or an NPC group of units which you can get the dude from. Dota underlords can be a very fun and satisfying game but at other times it is infuriating. If the stars align you get your loot alliances and units you’re looking for it can be excellent.

5. Kingdom Rush Origins 


Best Android Strategy Games

This game is the third installment of the Kingdom rush saga by Ironhide game studios. This iteration takes you on a trip to the beginning before Vez nan ever thought of threatening the kingdom command your army of elves to defend the mystical lands from sea serpents evil sorcerers and waves of mill tribesmen. There are a bunch of new towers heroes and spells to help you keep these villains away this exciting prequel. 

Paid to play: Download Kingdom rush origins

6. Steel and Flesh 2: New Lands


Best Android Strategy Games

This is a mixture of medieval 3D action and strategy game. We have the opportunity to visit the Middle Ages in 1212 where the Mongol Empire is gaining strength in Asia and the Crusades are in full swing in the Middle East. At your disposal, there is a huge map of the world in which 20 large states are located. 

You have the right to swear allegiance to any state and soon become its king or create your own capturing more and more territories. Also, you always have the opportunity to fight with bandit and earn on the sale of trophies buying land and creating a business will ensure you a comfortable life.
In addition to traveling on a global map, you can always personally take part in the battle with your army. Whether it’s a battle in an open field or a siege of a city castle port or village.

Free to play: Download Steel and flesh 2 new lands

7. Iron Marines 


Best Android Strategy Games

The Firm of the creators behind the kingdom rush trilogy iron Heights game is an extraordinary Space Odyssey set in amazing and unknown planets.
Recruit train and lead your heroes through dangerous missions against what seems like impossible odds with your guidance they may unleash their mighty powers and abilities.
This game has both appealing art and a silly bit of humour there are also a bunch of Easter eggs hidden in the game for those with keen eyes. This immersive and engaging game.

Paid to play: Download Iron marines

8. Reigns: Her Majesty 


Best Android Strategy Games

This card game from Devolverdigital is the revolutionary follow-up to the smash swipe ’em up hit rains. It’s set during a cultural renaissance the world is a new era of knowledge and enlightenment. However, greed and jealousy hide in the shadows of the great Kingdom and there are a few who conspire against the benevolent queen.

This game will have you make just or unjust royal decisions you have to maintain a balance between the kingdoms. Your royal decrees and the people’s unpredictable requests will shape your time on the throne and the future of your dynasty.

Paid to play: Download Reigns her majesty

9. Robot City Clash: To Summon and Protect


Best Android Strategy Games

This is an action-strategy game. In the year 2050 robots have joined the force to serve and protect. This game is amazingly packed with action and strategy.
You control a squad of police officers and their robots against a gang of hooligans and their robots throughout the city you have sworn to protect. 

This game has 70 missions each requiring a different approach and tactic in order to win this game. Isn’t linear so don’t expect to use the same strategy to win every time you’ll be playing this for hours so go ahead and download it.

Free to play: Download Robot city to summon and protect

10. Bridge Constructor Portal 


Best Android Strategy Games

As the name suggests this puzzle game from head up games is the lovechild between bridge constructor and portal. In this game, you are a new employee in the Aperture Science test lab tasks to build bridges ramps slides and other constructions the goal is to get the Bendi safely to the finish line in each of the 60 test chambers.
To do this you use portal gadgets like portals propulsion gel repulsion gel aerial faith plate cubes and laser barriers. 

11. Door Kickers 


Best Android Strategy Games

Just like the PC version this game from Killhouse games is unforgiving in the best way. In this game you’re the commander of a SWAT team during a tactical intervention it’s your job to analyze the situation plan your team’s routes choose the equipment and breach points and coordinate with the multiple troopers.
Also in the hopes to rescue the hostage before the bad guys get the chance to pull the trigger, there are 80 single missions 6 campaigns and unlimited gameplay through the mission generator this combined with the nonlinear levels with freeform gameplay. Make sure you’ll never get bored.

Paid to play: Download Door kickers

12. Plants vs. Zombies 2 


Best Android Strategy Games

It’s about time protect your precious brains from the zombie hordes in the best way possible planting plants. This award-winning sequel to the modern classic plants vs. zombies by Electronic Arts takes you on a space and time adventure packed with hilarious Zombies and amazing plants.

That can be supercharged with plant food there are 11 crazy worlds featured in this game from ancient Egypt to the far future and beyond what are you waiting for plant your peashooters and sunflowers and prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse this plan tactic. 

13. Clash Royale 


Best Android Strategy Games

This is a premium game from supercell aka the creator’s behind clash of clans. Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring the troop’s spells and defences from the game as well as Royales Prince’s Knights baby dragons and more. Construct your ultimate battle deck and duel against players from around the world.

The first one to knock the enemy king and princess off their towers win the game trophies crowns glory and all this awesome. 

Free to play: Download Clash royale

14. Hearthstone 


Best Android Strategy Games

In this game by Blizzard Entertainment, you play as a hero in an exciting card game collect and unleash powerful cards to bring all your rivals down. These cards canceling spells summoned missions and seize control of an ever-shifting battlefield.

You can play with other players but you can also play against computer-controlled heroes from the Warcraft universe like thrall Luthor and ruled on as long as you have an internet connection. You can play any of your device’s because your card collection is linked to your battle.net account. 

Free to play: Download Hearthstone

15. Rymdkapsel 



This puzzle game from the grape truck game is all about building the best base in space. It’s not about defeating your enemies by attacking them but about building a base that can withstand attacks.
You can try and build the best possible station by commanding missions to explore the galaxy around you be careful though this game punishes the greedy and rewards the fruited. It’s a real-time strategy game and if all your crew dies you’ll lose it get.

Paid to play: Download Rymdkapsel

16. Undead Horde


Undead Horde

Undead Horde is a necromantic action game, with elements from RPG strategy and slash donors. You’ll battle against the living who’ve driven the necromancers and their undead minions into exile. 

The main gimmick here is that you’re able to raise the dead and have them fight alongside you so much similar to sending troops around in an RTS.
Now I’m not typically a fan of this style of game but what I enjoy about undead horde is that it’s really an action RPG first and foremost with the Horde management stuff only lightly woven into it and for my tastes, it’s the perfect balance of the two gameplay styles.

Paid to play: Download Undead horde

17. Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville 


Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville 

Northway games strategy sim game has set a few years after the zombie apocalypse the world cities have been turned into graveyards and the few survivors are in hiding your task is to gather them and restore civilization one building at a time.
You’ll find yourself growing fond of the survivors you rescued before you inventively send them to their death as zombie bait all for the greater good of course as he expands to new buildings. You’ll have to make tough decisions to keep your people from harm. 

18. Lifeline ( Best android Text-based game)


Lifeline game

This adventure game from three-minute games as a playable text-based story in it. You’re trying to help tailor the sole survivor of a spaceship crash on a distant moon make life-or-death decisions and deal with the consequences that come with.
These decisions the story which is written by acclaimed writer Dave Justice writer of fables the wolf among us plays out in real-time or when you’re free the rest of the crew are either missing or dead you must keep Taylor alive. Overall best android 

Paid to play: Download Lifeline

19. Noblemen 1896


Noble man

Noblemen 1896 is an action and strategy game that immerses you in a battlefield as you try to beat the rival army it’s a title that provides an alternative 1896 in which the war is at its critical point. The game-play in nobleman 1896 is somewhat complex considering you have a thousand things to do on each of the screens.

You’ll mainly control a nobleman a leader in the battle who you can move freely around the map to shoot and stab enemies. It’s essential to find cover in order to make sure your character doesn’t get defeated.

Free to play: Download Noblemen 1896

20. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links 


yu gi oh game

This is the digital version of the famous card game from the hit TV show and popular manga of our childhood days. Featuring the original characters Yugi Kaiba Joey and more all voiced by their original voice actors don’t be intimidated of this game.

If you’ve never played the physical version before it has an in-game tutorial soon you’ll be able to collect awesome cards like Dark Magician and blue-eyes White Dragon and strategize.
Your plates are getting your opponent’s weaknesses and become the ultimate dueling master this nostalgic game. This is best android strategy game in Japanese version.

Download these Best Android Strategy Games on your mobile or tablet. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comment section below and subscribe this site for more updates.


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