PUBG Mobile Season 13 Update Leaks and RP Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Update Leaks and RP Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Update Leaks and RP Rewards

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Releasing Date

Pubg mobile season 12 ends on after May 9, begins with the new update 0.18.0 after May 9 2020. The official date for the release has not been announced. But we are expecting the release on May 10, 2020.

PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer battle royal game developed by Tencent Games. A player versus player shooter game, in which 100 players land on to an island where each player’s main aim is to become the last man standing. It is a  battle royal game where survival is the keyword.

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PUBG Mobile New features

The PUBG Mobile new season will be entering into after May 9, 2020. New-season along with a new theme, weapons skin, vehicle skin, outfits and more. New features: team reservation, grenade kill, radio feature broadcast, crew challenge upgrade and more.
Pubg mobile 0.18.0 update new Theme

PUBG Mobile New Updates

Zombie mode coming back with new zombies and Raven Bird Zombie.

  • New Vikendi, Erangle and Miramar 2.0 maps.
  • New 8×8 Team Death Match Mode.
  • New weapons: Throwable Stick Bomb, WIN shotgun Scope.
  • New Train is coming on the Vikendi map.


Season 13 Tier Rewards and Guns skin leaked by Mad Tamizha including Aug skin, G36C skin, Savage Psycho Headgear outfit, season 13 parachute skin, Emotes, New frame and more.


Pubg Mobile Prime Plus subscription offers 

Pubg Mobile offered the best prime plus buying offers. Good news for prime plus buying members, you can convert to BP to UC(Unknown Cash) collect a 500 BP convert to 5 UC (500 = 5UC) and many more rewards. This update not confirmed Tencent Games.


More updates coming soon…


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