The 19 Best Android Puzzle Games Free and Paid

The 19 Best Android Puzzle Games Free and Paid

The 19 Best Android Puzzle Games Free and Paid

As we know that android games are improving, they offer us the most exciting are impressive games day-to-day. So here we pick the Best Android Puzzle Games Free and Paid. Android games are getting better and better every month. So that we can also give you the best games which will offer you a  good experience of gaming.

These android puzzle games will really give you a thrilling experience. Thus it will give you a match-3 puzzle game, word game, bridge constructor, turn-based adventure puzzle game, RPG Puzzle Game, mystery, mind-blowing and etc.


Take a look into these 19 Best Android Puzzle Games 12 Free and 7 Paid

First Ten of Best Android Puzzle Games

#1. The Room Three(Paid)


Best Android Puzzle Games


The Room Three: One of Android’s best puzzle series comes back with a third instalment that will send even more shivers down your spine. In this BAFTA award-winning adventure, you must navigate through a labyrinth of trials set by the mysterious “Craftsman”. It’s a mobile puzzle game like no other. It has realistic visuals and a backdrop of ominous music for a truly immersive experience.

Use your brilliant mind to escape the Grey Holm mansion and the traps that lay beneath it. There’s plenty of layers in its intricate storyline. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself in the worse of its many endings. This game improves on the previous chapters by adding a few new features. Aside from its expanded locations, there’s an enhanced hint system and a new eyepiece feature which will allow you to study clues and objects more closely.

Download The Room Three


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#2. Bridge Constructor Portal(Paid)

Best Android Puzzle Games
As the name suggests this puzzle game from the head up games is the lovechild between bridge constructor and portal. In this game, you are a new employee in the Aperture Science test lab tasks to build bridges ramps slides and other constructions the goal is to get the Bendi safely to the finish line in each of the 60 test chambers.
To do this you use portal gadgets like portals propulsion gel repulsion gel aerial faith plate cubes and laser barriers.


#3. Mini Metro(Free)

Best Android Puzzle Games


As the name might suggest this next game on our list is a subway simulator where you design a subway map for your city by drawing lines between stations and running your trains.

Sometimes you have to redraw your routes to keep them at their top efficiency level your resources are limited so be careful not to overcrowd your stations because that could be the reason why you’ll go bankrupt lasts as long as you can. So you can earn the more simple yet challenging game.

Download Mini Metro


#4. Monument Valley(Paid)

Best Android Puzzle Games


Monument Valley: If you wanna talk about beautiful and mesmerizing games, we have to talk about Monument Valley. It’s one of Android’s critically acclaimed puzzle games with a mix of beauty, elegance and minimalist architecture. Take on a surreal adventure with the game’s silent protagonist, Ida, as she travels between complex architectures with mind-boggling geometry.

Guide her through monuments and dispel the game’s illusion of movement. Outsmart the game’s enemies by just twisting and dragging the world around you. Critics have praised the game’s brilliant world design and smart audio cues for that immersive experience. The game just released its new addition called Ida’s Dream which adds new chapters for a longer dream-like experience. Of course, it’s not free.

Download Monument Valley

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#5. I Love Hue Too(Free)


Best Android Puzzle Games


I Love Hue Too: on Ios and Android Ambition is impressive, but sometimes all it takes is the polished execution of a simple idea. That is exactly what Zut Games’ I Love Hue offers. At its core, all it wants is to be a puzzler. But, ultimately, it’s much more than that. As you get through harder and harder levels, you find your brains don’t always see the same as your eyes and in no time you’ll be doubting your senses too.

It’s never frustrating though. You’ll get used to the mixing of palettes and soon it becomes a relaxing adventure, not unlike figuring out the patterns of a jigsaw puzzle. For a not-so-wild ride of quiet bewilderment, this game has got you covered with gamers.

Download I Love Hue Too


#6. Threes(Free)


Best Android Puzzle Games


If you’re familiar with 2048, then this is the game it drew inspiration from. Instead of multiples of 2, you’ll have to pair off multiples of…you guessed it, threes! And, in lieu of 2048’s minimalist brown and oranges, you get a surprisingly adorable design, complete with bright colours and wacky faces the higher you go.

In addition to its cute visuals, it also comes with an enchanting soundtrack that makes your mathematical adventure an endlessly delightful one. It’s no wonder that the game won an award for Excellence in Design. Match numbers to combine them and create higher numbers, and grow, grow, grow.

You’re gonna need that strategic mind to stop yourself from getting stuck in a claustrophobic mess of numbers. It’s incredibly simple and sneakily complex. While it’s not a free game, you’ll be safe from dreadful in-app purchases once you buy it.

Download Threes

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#7. Life is strange(Free)


Best Android Puzzle Games


Life is strange as a graphic adventure developed by Telltale Games. In this game, you’ll take the life of the talented young Maxine a high school student who’s recently discovered that her budding superpowers are to go back in time and change the course of events. 

Game systems and life is strange are practically identical to any of the others titles by Telltale Games. The main appeal is that you can go back in time to rewind and fix any poor decision-making of the past and thereby rectifying your mistakes make better choices.

Download Life is Strange



#8. Lara Croft GO(Paid)

Best Android Puzzle Games


Lara Croft GO: Square Enix’s GO titles are a minimalistic surprise that usually deviates from their original gameplays. Hitman and Deus EX GO’s gameplay revolves around turn-based Diorama-looking set pieces in a playing field. Players must manoeuver their character and complete a set of objectives. Just like most GO Games, Lara Croft GO shares the same style.

Control Lara in her Pre-Reboot look and find the mysterious Queen of Venom treasure. Avoid deadly traps, find hidden treasures and discover a long-lost history relic. The game is a success. It’s awarded for being the best mobile game in its time due to its lush visuals and clever puzzle designs.

It has over 101 puzzles and 6 chapters for the adventure-seekers. If the game gets too monotonous, enjoy the game’s soundtrack and unlock Lara’s popular skins. From the days of old to the modern times.

Download Lara Croft Go



#9. Orphan Black: The Game(Free)

Best Android Puzzle Games


This is a turn-based adventure puzzle game based on the hit BBC America television series. Orphan Black The Game chronicles the mystery surrounding a sisterhood of clones. Who find themselves part of a global conspiracy that is pushing the boundaries of experimental science technology and ethics players.

Guide their favourite clones through a series of challenging puzzles set in the orphan black world there are ten worlds with over 80 levels filled with puzzles. And traps all with beautiful third-person isometric art. So if you like turn-based adventure games then give this game a shot.

Download Orphan Black

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#10. Cut the Rope(Free)

Cut the Rope(Free)


Cut the Rope: Magic One of the pioneers of Android puzzle gaming returns with a magical twist on their tested formula. In Cut the Rope: Magic, ZeptoLab takes the adorable Om Nom on a quest against an evil wizard, taking all the precious candy. Thankfully, Om nom has the power of transformation on his side, 6 of them to be exact.

Use them to solve the puzzles that lie before you in every stage. Turn into a bird and fly over traps and obstacles, or into baby form to squeeze into tight spaces. Despite the daunting tasks that await, the game remains as cute and addicting as ever. Refined, polished and challenging. With 960 million downloads overall, it’s one of Cut the Rope’s most successful games yet.

Download Cut the Rope Full Free

Second Five of Best Android Puzzle Games

#11. Shadowmatic(Free)


Shadow Matic(Free)


Shadowmatic is a puzzle game that can inspire imagination during the game you’ll rotate the abstract object under the spotlight to find a recognizable projection on the wall. The game combines a wonderful visual effect relaxed and loving gameplay and in the journey of exploration, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a lot of imagination infinite projection. 

The game has 9 rooms each room has a unique concept design environmental atmosphere and music effects. the game has a hint system and a variety of additional puzzles. 

Download Shadowmatic

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#12. Decor Dream(Free)

Decor Dream(Free)


Decor Dream is the home design game and match-3 on Android. The age of the story-based match-3 puzzle game has just begun and By Aliens Studio is rising to the occasion. Unlike match-three puzzle games with just grid after grid, this simulation game offers you something extra to reward you for your good wits.

With Decor Dream, you’re both puzzler and interior decorator. With every newly completed stage, you’ll unlock new and better items to deck each dream house. While it’s not always yours, the satisfaction of completing each project is just the same.

Download Decore Dream


#13. LIMBO(Paid)



LIMBO PlayDead’s critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer makes a debut to the Android. This multi-award winning game transcends the boundaries of the conventional platformer with a deep and engaging story coupled with complex physics-based puzzles. Play as a young boy as he tries to escape in a bleak and gloomy world of LIMBO.

This monochromatic side-scrolling platformer doesn’t dazzle you much with its dark colours, but it captures you with an eerie atmosphere with huge spiders, gory deaths and anti-gravity levels. As sombre as the game develops itself, it’s one of the most intriguing games of its time. Their follow-up game, INSIDE, has also dominated the Gaming Charts but it’s only a matter of time before it hits Mobile soon!.

Download Limbo



#14. Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey(Free)

Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey(Free)


Solve puzzles and unwrap the mystery that lies in the beautiful universe of Krystopias. Krystopia is an escape room game that challenges and captivates you with intriguing laser puzzles robots and hidden objects. 

Your objective is to guide Nova in her search for clues observe think and solve ingenious puzzles to reconstitute the story of the strange land she’s trading upon. Investigate the causes that left the planet empty to resolve the intricate mystery of the long-lost civilization in 3D and use creativity to solve increasingly challenging puzzles.

Download Krystopia

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#15. Way to Slay(Free)

Way to Slay(Free)


This is a game that combines elements of action, strategy and puzzles to offer a fast-paced and bloody experience. You get to play a lone warrior who has to face tons of different adversary’s gangsters Vikings, Oryx and more.

The game-play is simple if you touch an enemy two times your character will run into him and kill him if there’s another opponent nearby that one will kill you. So you have to try to defeat all the enemies following an order that lets you dodge all their attacks.

As you play and complete the levels you’ll also unlock tons of swords and additional characters to play.

Download Way to Slay

Last Four of Best Android Puzzle Games

#16. Blendoku 2(Free)


Blendoku 2(Free)


Blendoku 2: Android hasn’t seen a lot of original ideas for a while, but the developers at Lonely Few sought to change that. With Blendoku, they created a game that marries two of the most unlikely concepts: Sudoku and Colors. Use your wits to arrange the colours into a seamless gradient of tint hues and shade.

While a little daunting for the neophyte colourist, the game’s intuitive controls make it a little less so, giving you the confidence to conquer the game’s 500 levels. It’s a simple game that challenges the mind and becomes an addicting diversion.

As a sequel, it improves on the original with a collection of brand new features. Zoom in and out, unlock new stages, and play on two different modes to play with friends and paint like famous artists.

Download Blendoku 2

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#17. Rymdkapsel(Paid)




This puzzle game from the grape truck game is all about building the best base in space. It’s not about defeating your enemies by attacking them but about building a base that can withstand attacks.

You can try and build the best possible station by commanding missions to explore the galaxy around you be careful though this game punishes the greedy and rewards the fruited. It’s a real-time strategy game and if all your crew dies you’ll lose it get.

Download Rymdkapsel


#18. You Must Build A Boat(Paid)


You Must Build A Boat(Paid)


You Must Build A Boat: Why would you build a boat? What’s the point? These are but the few questions asked when you play EightyEight Games’ sequel to the popular 1,000,000. It’s a ridiculous way of blending a match-three gameplay with dungeon crawling mechanics. It’s both an RPG and a Puzzle Game. And as the title implies, the main setting of the game is mostly on a boat.

You’re gonna need a bigger one as you start off slow. Travel to creepy dungeons and face off monsters in a silly match-three combat. Attack, stave off and eliminate your threat by matching the correct tiles. Pretty odd, huh? Well, that’s what makes the game amazing in the process.

The goal is simple, build a boat large enough to survive your journey. Expand from various rooms and meet new people as it grows bigger and bigger. So sail away with your ship and you must build a boat! Just recently, EigthyEight Games’ has teased their upcoming game. So keep yourself updated! You Must Build A Boat.

Download You Must Build a Boat

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#19. Alphabear(Free)



Alphabear: There’s nothing more adorable than a vocabulary game mixed with bears. No, we’re not talking about their other game that involves cute ninjas slicing evil demons, we’re talking about a puzzle game that involves a smart way to learn simple syntax. Developer Spry Fox and their love for bears present this puzzle game that requires no complicated feature.

Just try to come up with the best word you could find in its tile-based gameplay and score the highest points to take over the leaderboards. Utilize the presence of their bears and amass the biggest multiplier with the biggest bear.

 Earn power-ups, extend the game’s timer, and come up with the best word without opening a dictionary! It’s bear-y fun and it’s free on the PlayStore.

Download Alphabear


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