Top 5 Android Space Games

Android Space Games


Today we are here to share some of the top 5 android space games for mobile. Those who loves the space games and space battle game you will surely love these games. You can explore strange new worlds with good graphics.

Take a look into these top 5 android space games which is available on google play store. 

1. Space Armor 2

Top 5 Android Space Games

This game is a third person 3D space shooting game, listed in role playing category in play store. It has a good control and scientific graphics. Survive and kill different types of creatures. Story mode, defense and challenge modes are added in this game. Featuring more than 20 weapons,armors and 50 creature and also amazing art works. This game has about 97 MB size with 1 million plus downloads on Play Store.

2. Subdivision Infinity: 3D 

Top 5 Android Space Games


Space Shooter Subdivision infinity is a sci fic space combat 3D shooter game. Fight with different types of enemies drones, fighters, space ship and more. Game play with more than 50 story missions and 6 unique locations. Featuring unique bosses, exploration, free hunt,mining, diverse selection of weapons and ship available to buy and upgrade. This game has High graphics tight spaceship game play.



Morphite is a space action and adventures game. The story of Morphite takes place in a far from future. Kill various types of creatures. And explore beautiful landscapes, caves, rivers and more. You can also explore space stations where it is abounded by alien life. It has a fun story line and beautiful graphics. You will really experience a enjoyable game play. It features a fully voiced story line, puzzle solving, space trading etc. The sound tracks are just amazing with good realistic backgrounds.

 In the beginning you have to complete two missions and then you can explore the random planets for free. You can also purchase the full story mode from the game store to unlock all of the weapons and power ups. Explore various upgrades throughout your adventure. 

4.Space Commander


It is Strategy battle type game play soldiers attacks from enemies on planet. Explore the galaxy with kill with different types of aliens. Apply Ability to your soldiers increase soldiers power. Collect arm of human Earn points to upgrade your hero and build an invincible troops. This game as good graphics with sci fi background and full space interface. You can play with online your friends worldwide. This game free downloading and playing.

5. Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD

Galaxy on fire 2 is open space action game, war with space ship around the mystery galaxy. Take your spaceship find enemies and power full alien raider around the galaxy. This game is created with sci-fi 3D graphics and amazing visuals like a real outer space. Player can buy own space station and space ship in the shop. You can select easy, medium, and hard mode. Featuring:customize your spaceship, different types of weapons, voice acting soundtrack, and much more. 

These are the best space games for android device. download these games and travel to the space.

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