Top 5 Offline Android Open World Games

Top 5 Offline Android Open World Games


Open world game is a virtual world in which the player can explore and approach objectives freely, as opposed to a world with more linear and structured game play. It is First Released in Japan in the year 1984. The main appeal of open-world game play is that they provide a simulated reality, and allow players to develop their character and its behavior in the direction, and the pace of their own choosing. 

Since then open-world games is also started in android platform. Here we have given the list of some top 5 offline android open world games which can be played without any internet connection.

Top 5 Offline Android Open World Games

1. Vast Survival (Multiplayer) Open World.

android offline open world game

Vast Survival is the an open world Android game. It is not only a classic open world game but also a brilliant survival and multiplayer game. The only goal is to survive on the battlegrounds, with the features such as crafting, building, voice chat, military bases,thick forests, rusty towns, hunting etc.

2. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown

android offline open world game

If you are a fan of games, you probably know that Gameloft games are one of the best games out there. Six-Guns: Gang Showdown is a recent release of Gameloft and this is really an awesome open world game for Android  devices.This is a first person shooter  game that takes place in the wild west.
android offline open world game

A really fascinating battle for desert dominance, totally open world in which you choose where to drive and how fast to go, racing against other cars, this is an offline game.It has two game modes (race, free roam), really beautiful graphics and views to admire.



4.Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

android offline open world game

As you all know that it is an Grand Theft Auto series game which is developed by rockstar.It is an action adventure single and also multiplayer game. This was a pc game but officially its also released in mobile version with good graphics. one of the best offline open world game.

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5. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

android offline open world game

A fantastic mix of third person and first person action. It has a Stunning artwork and story.This has remained the best Android game since it was first introduced, and it has ruined 99% of the other games out there. The game was good graphics, colourful characters and twist storyline. Overall good open world game but not a free it is paid game.


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